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T-Bone National Series
T-Bone National Series
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New England 60
Track G3-NewHampsh ME
Date Saturday, July 15th
Time 8pm EDT
Length 57 Laps / 60 Miles
Style 1.058 Paved Speedway
Setups Normal
Daytona Summer 90
1 Speedyman11 Winner
2 Rookiesrock -0.069
3 DusterLag -0.151
As of: Daytona Summer 90
1 KartRacer63
NH Autosport: Team Orange Chevrolet
2 DusterLag
NH Autosport: Team Orange Ford
3 puttzracer
TMS Wolfpack II Chevrolet
4 BlackKnight
NH Autosport: Team Black Chevrolet
5 Grumpy
NH Autosport: Team Black Chevrolet
puttzracer and Speedyman11 take the checkered flag at Charlotte Motor Speedway. (Credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder) puttzracer Wins at Charlotte
puttzracer captured his first career T-Bone National Series victory during the Patch Charlotte Setup 90 event at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
The 2017 ARL All-Star Race grid before the final segment. (Credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder) Speedyman11 Wins 2017 ARL All-Star Race
Speedyman11 captured his second career ARL All-Star Race victory at 2017's Saturday night event.
Donaldson at Talladega Superspeedway completing the final lap. (Credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder) Donaldson Wins Talladega Alabama 90
Donaldson captured his first win of the year Saturday night.
KartRacer63 and DusterLag on track during the Twin Bristol 60: Round 1. (Credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder) KartRacer63 Wins Twin Bristol 60: Round 1
KartRacer63 dominated the T-Bone National Series Twin Bristol 60: Round 1 Saturday night, capturing his third win of the season.