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Rookiesrock Wins in Server-Shortened Race at Miami H

On August 14, the drivers of the IROC Challenge flocked to Miami H for the second round of the 2020 season. As expected, the resulting electricity echoed across the community. Amid a frenzy of competitors, Rookiesrock took the checkered flag using smart strategy, leading 20 of 60 laps and edging Speedyman11 by 0.1 seconds. En route to second-place, Speedyman11 led ten laps of his own to put up a thrilling challenge for the title. In an impressive effort, BlackKnight took the final step on the podium, reaching the line 0.1 seconds behind Rookiesrock. Trailing them, viagra6car and lepage71 were not to be overlooked either, finishing fourth and fifth to round out the top-five. The victory, Rookiesrock's first of the season, decreases his gap behind leader Speedyman11 in the standings to 205 points. In its next event, the IROC Challenge heads to Eldora Speedway in what promises to be another shootout.

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