HeatFinder works hard to support the entire Heat Community, from displaying racing servers, providing public and custom event servers to promoting new releases and upcoming races throughout our social platforms. HeatFinder is here for you! Here is some information about others throughout the community.

The Mod Squad Often referred to (and promoted in their banner) as "The Home of NASCAR Heat", The Mod Squad has created some of the top mods and has a large searchable support forum archive. TMS is also home to most of the Heat Community's top mod and track developers.

ARL Racing ARL Racing is a NASCAR Heat based multi-series online sim racing league running various style mods and tracks. We welcome racers of all skill levels and racing backgrounds. We run full year hardcore and arcade style competitive events in Hardcore mode with open setups and in Normal mode with no need for setups. Our unique series feature events on stock car ovals, road courses and dirt tracks.

NASCAR Heat Racing League The NHRL is a NASCAR Heat based PC online racing league running their own in-house NASCAR style mods. The NHRL is the premiere NASCAR Heat league with the community's top drivers racing weekly. Their series focus around NASCAR style formats along with "Home Track" short track series. The NHRL is the oldest Heat Community league still in existence, founded by lepage71, Skoty Speed and fatfreddy in 2002 as the NASCAR Heat Rookie League.

Supermodified Ultimate Pavement Racing Series TBA

The Mod Squad (League) TMSRL is a NASCAR Heat based PC online racing league mainly running mods created by The Mod Squad Developers including the Platinum Series of mods. Known for their short mini-series, many of the community's top drivers have started migrating to the league. TMSRL was founded by DaveO and Blaxman in 2013.

Randle Sim Racing RSR, Randle Sim Racing, is a NASCAR Heat mod group. They try their best to put out the latest NASCAR Heat American dirt mods in an attempt to bring the American Dirt Oval focus to NASCAR Heat. The RSR Powersports section has crazy mods, such as Supercross, Wedge Karts, and even fighting game mods!

FFS Racing FFS Racing is widely known as the "Heat Superstore" due to it's incredible authorized archive of NASCAR Heat mods, tracks, carsets and tools collected by its owner (ffsbudman) over the last 14 years.

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