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ARL Racing is a NASCAR Heat based multi-series online sim racing league running various style mods and tracks. We welcome racers of all skill levels and racing backgrounds. We run full year hardcore and arcade style competitive events in Hardcore mode with open setups and in Normal mode with no need for setups. Our unique series feature events on stock car ovals, road courses and dirt tracks.
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ARL T-Bone National Series
Bristol Bowl 110
Thursday, April 2nd 8:45pm EDT
ARL Modifieds Series
Bristol Banking 80 Presented by Grumpy
Saturday, April 4th 9pm EDT
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Latest News
An aggressive start gave Speedy the early lead, but conservation was the name of the game -- Photo credit: viagra6car / HeatFinder Speedyman11 Saves Tires the Best at CNS
Speedy closes out the LCHRL season with a win and the title
The action was close in the early stages between the top 3 -- Photo credit: viagra6car / HeatFinder Speedyman11 Outduels viagra6car at Symmons
After several lead changes and wheel-banging, Speedy drives off
A full field of 12 competes at the 2.5 mile Pocono Raceway -- Photo credit: viagra6car / HeatFinder DusterLag Takes the Opening Race of Championship Night in LCHRL
DusterLag tops the championship contenders at Pocono
HeatFinder Speedyman11 Captures 2019-20 ARL Stadium Truck Series Championship
Speedyman11 has officially captured the 2019-20 ARL Stadium Truck Series championship after race results were finalized.
Photo credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder viagra6car Captures First ARL Win Since 2004
viagra6car rolled across the line in the #60 Mustang to capture his first T-Bone National Series win Thursday night.
Photo credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder Patch Cup Series Drivers Visit Cereal Bowl for First Time
Speedyman11 in the #11 Kellogg's Chevrolet prevailed with victory Saturday night at the Milk & Cereal 120.