ARL Racing utilizes the NASCAR Heat (Heat Core) Game Engine. Download Heat Core

Active Series Day Length Realism / Wear Setups Mod / Carset
LCHRL Legend Car Thursdays ~30 Min Expert / 1x-4x Fixed LCH mod
Inactive Series Day Length Realism / Wear Setups Mod / Carset
Patch Cup Saturdays & Sundays ~90-120 Min Hardcore / 2x-5x Open G3 Nascar Next Gen 2022 Cup mod
T-Bone National Thursdays ~60 Min Normal / 4x-6x Fixed COTPlatinumG3 mod, 2015 Xfinity add-on
Truck Saturdays ~45 Min Hardcore / 3x-6x Open CampingWorldTruckSeries mod
Home Pro Saturdays ~45 Min Expert / 3x-4x Open COTPlatinumG3 mod, Classic Series add-on
Modifieds Saturdays ~20 Min Expert / 1x Open VintageModifieds mod
Touring Fridays ~45 Min Hardcore / 3x Open VTA mod
IndyCar Saturdays ~45 Min Hardcore / 3x Open PlatinumGrandPrix mod, 2011 IndyCar carset
    Download the current version of our League Rulebook using the links below in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF formats.
    Current version: 2021 Revision A
    Last revision: January 1st, 2021
ARL Rulebook *.docx ARL Rulebook *.pdf

Get Started
Are you just getting started? Welcome to our league! We're glad you found us and want to make sure you have all the information you could need to be successful in our community! If you have questions of any kind we encourage you to post in our forum or contact any staff member, we're happy to help!

Step 1) Get the game! We use the NASCAR Heat Game Engine (Heat Core) for all our events, you can download it here.

Step 2) Get the tracks! We use many different tracks and you can download them from the series specific schedules here and from many of the Heat Community sites here.

Step 3) Get the mods and carsets! Each of our series use different mod and carset configurations, you can find details on each series on the top of this page.

Step 4) Join the league! A simple process that provides you access to our entire website via a HeatFinder Account and enables us to score you for events. Join Here.

Step 5) Sign-Up for a series! We've made this simple, once your logged into our site visit the Series page and select one of the sign-up buttons. Next fill out the simple form on the Roster page for each individual series. If you don't see a sign-up button for a particular series then it is currently inactive, look for the latest news or check back later.

Step 6) Read the Rulebook! Don't worry we've made is as small as possible and much of it is a breakdown and description of penalties and some of the same information you've already read on this page.

Step 7) Practice, practice, practice! That's right you can never get enough on-track time. We encourage you to post in our forum to find online practice times. If your not sure how to join a server online we've got a great guide here.

Step 8) Setup TeamSpeak and join our voice server. You can download TeamSpeak 3 here, it is an easy and straight forward setup process. You can find information about our TeamSpeak server here and here.