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Photo credit: Bandit / HeatFinder
Photo credit: Bandit / HeatFinder
Two Bone Crushing Derbies - November 21st

Join the ARL for two Bone Crushing Derbies on Saturday, November 21st.

Up first we have a "Dizzy Mini Derby"
Time: 8:45pm ET
Length: ~15 minutes
Wear: 1x
Mode: Normal
Mod: G3CupSeries2020 (Custom Paints from the 2020 Cup Series can be used)
Track: Derby (
AI Cars! 20 @ Medium Skill

Whomever throws up last wins!! Or the driver who crosses the finish line first.

Up next the "Baugo Boogaloo"
Time: 9pm ET
Length: 25-35 min
Wear: 1x
Mode: Hardcore
Setups: Open
Mod: 1972GrandNationalSeries
Track: Baugo Flats (

All community members are welcome and no sign-ups are required.

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