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Final Four Set; Speedyman11 Claims ISM Raceway

On November 6, the Busch Series traveled to ISM Raceway for the 11th meeting of the 2020 campaign. As expected, the level of action and drama did not disappoint. Overcoming a party of pursuers, Speedyman11 drove to a convincing win through a speedy machine, leading 88 of 90 laps and edging CR49 by lap. En route to second-place, CR49 led two laps of his own to put up a daring competition for the hardware. In a fine bid, viagra6car grabbed the third-place position, coming to the finish one lap behind Speedyman11. A few paces back, Rookiesrock and lepage71 were not to be forgotten either, registering fourth and fifth to wrap up the top-five. The victory, Speedyman11's eighth of the season, boosts his cusion over lepage71 in the standings to 78 points. In its next event, the Busch Series heads to California in what promises to be another shootout.

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