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HeatFinder, Your Heat Internet Race Finder! We provide Server Listing, News, Calendar, League Racing & services for the NASCAR Heat Community. HeatFinder helps support and promote this excellent game and the entire Heat Community in all ways possible. Despite it's name, NASCAR Heat is a 17 year old PC racing sim that has a strong, active, modding community. NASCAR Heat & Heat Core currently has hundreds of different mods (or car types) and over one thousand tracks. From oval stock car racing to quarter mile dirt modifieds and sport car prototypes at LeMans we have what you are looking for! Don't forget about the speed boats, monster trucks and stunt tracks!

HeatFinder was founded and developed by Sucahyo from Indonesia and DusterLag from the United States in 2008 as Internet Race Finder 2 (IRF2). IRF2 was born from the original Internet Race Finder, a central tool for online racing used throughout the Heat Community for many years until it's sudden demise. Talk of replacing the original IRF had been floating around for years but did not materialize until early 2008. Sucahyo, a well known and respected developer in the Heat Community, began early work on a new project. DusterLag joined in on the project shortly after and the project quickly expanded beyond a simple online server listing. HeatFinder has expanded and contracted many times since then, but remain focused on supporting the entire Heat Community with our services and sharing our staff's skill with other groups within the Heat Community.

Today HeatFinder is fully funded through donations by our community members via PayPal while subsided when needed by our administration staff. In addition to free server listing services through our IRF2 service, HeatFinder provides several entirely free community services, including...

- Community Calendar: Listing of NASCAR Heat Community League's events
- Community News: Multiple feeds full of articles about recent races and community activity that is distributed on HeatFinder.net, Facebook, Twitter and RSS.
- Web Services: Including website hosting and a league CMS specifically designed for the Heat Community.
- Server Web Manager: Simple remote management tools for dedicated NASCAR Heat servers which can be configured by large hosts or self-hosted individual server administrators.
- ARL Racing: A division of HeatFinder operated by HeatFinder Staff members, ARL Racing is a multi-series online sim racing league running various style mods and tracks.
- Heat Core: Formally known as Heat Essentials, HeatFinder works with The Mod Squad's developers on a joint project to keep NASCAR Heat up to date and simple to run and install on the latest versions of Windows OS.
- Community Awards: Various awards are voted on by Heat Community members and the public in several different categories annually.
- Community Stats: Compiled by HeatFinder Staff member Donaldson and other community members, these driver stats from community leagues go back through the first year of NASCAR Heat.
- Community Events: Various community based events are run annually including the Heat Community Awards Winner Festival and Heat Race of Champions Series.
- FFS Racing: FFS Racing is a NASCAR Heat mod, track and tool archive also known as the NASCAR Heat Superstore as created by FFS Budman and operated by HeatFinder.
About ARL Racing
ARL Racing is a NASCAR Heat based multi-series online sim racing league running various style mods and tracks. We welcome racers of all skill levels and racing backgrounds. We run full year hardcore and arcade style competitive events in Hardcore mode with open setups and in Normal mode with no need for setups. Our unique series feature events on stock car ovals, road courses and dirt tracks. ARL Racing was founded by DusterLag, ucrdoh and Grumpy in 2012 as the Arcade Racing League. ARL's LCHRL Series was founded by Viagra6Car and Elliot9Matt in 2003 as the Legend Car Online Racing League. OWAction was founded by DusterLag and cartleague in 2005 as the Open Wheel Action Racing League, it’s series (IndyCar, IndyLights and Grand Prix) are now operated by ARL Racing. NHMA was founded by KartRacer63 in 2015 as the NASCAR Heat Modified Association, it's series (Modifieds) is now operated by ARL Racing.

Today ARL Racing, as a division of HeatFinder, is fully funded through donations by our community members via PayPal while subsided when needed by our administration staff.
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