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GO "InSPireNetNZ NZStockcarHeat"
OPEN 0/32
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Palmerston 0/13 5%
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1X ( - - - )
GO 2017 NHRL Holiday Derby
Dec 23 - Open to All
OPEN 0/20
0 AI
Huntsville_Nite 0/8 5%
0 Restarts
5X ( B - - )
GO HeatFinder Public Server 1
OPEN 0/30
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Lochgelly 0/8 3%
0 Restarts
3X ( B - - )
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NHRL NHRL Holiday Derby @ Huntsville Nite
Calling all no-talent NASCAR Heat crashers and imbeciles! Yes, it's everyone's favorite time of the year again!
Photo credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder GTSVip9 Wins at the Tricky Triangle
GTSVip9 won at Pocono, aka the Tricky Triangle, with draft trains all around the track.
(Credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder) Speedyman11 Survives LCHRL Colorado Figure 8 Derby
While the field flew and flipped, Speedyman11 survived the LCHRL Series Opener, Colorado Figure 8 Derby, with a victory!
(Credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder) Speedyman11 also Captured the 2017 Patch Cup Series Championship Title
Sweeping up his second in one night, Speedyman11 also captured the 2017 Patch Cup Series Championship title and won the Homestead-Miami Championship Night 150!
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