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Photo credit: lepage71 / NASCAR Heat Racing League lepage71 Repeats in Close One at New Hampshire
On December 7, the Truck Series thundered into New Hampshire for the second leg of the 2018 campaign.
Photo credit: lepage71 / NASCAR Heat Racing League Speedyman11 Edges Tight Field @ IndyRC T
On November 30, the Truck Series traveled to IndyRC T for the opening meeting of the 2018 campaign.
SUPRS SUPRS 15th Christmas Special 25 - December 11th
The last Gold Crest Wing Supermodified Championship XV points show and last chance to hang out with the SUPRS racers before the annual Christmas break.
Photo credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder Speedyman11 Cliches Inaugural ARL Experimental Racing Series Victory at MGI's Dayton
As a new season and format named ARL Experimental Racing Series begins, a variety of drivers traveled to MGI's Dayton and as expected strategy and drafting were key to victory.
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