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Busch Series Offers Season-Long Drama

So do you think it's better to be lucky or good? Most of us would take both! Like he did in the Cup Series, Speedy has united the two Busch Series crowns, successfully winning the Overall Standings and the 8-4-1 Title Chase. However, unlike in Cup, he had help in Busch. In the season finale at California, Speedy, lepage71, Rookiesrock, and first-time Final Four driver CR49 all qualified for the chance to drive off into 8-4-1 history. The race started off with gusto as the four drivers traded positions during the opening stages. Down the stretch, lepage began to separate from the pack under green flag conditions, but a sudden communication error caused his crew to take no tires during a critical late pit stop. After lepage returned to pit road, Rookie quickly inherited the lead, but one that would just be momentary. Speedy would rebound from a slow pit stop to ultimately chase and catch Rookie on the final run. In the end, Rookie, CR49, and lepage formed the top-four. The Overall season left no doubt, though. Speedy won the most races (8), tied for the most top-5s (11), and captured by far the most laps led (533). In second, lepage claimed two victories of his own, and to no one's surprise led the league with a +26 rating. Rookiesrock was third despite not being scored for a race. He won at Sonoma Carousel and went a perfect 11-for-11 in top-5 finishes. CR49, d3efan, viagra6car, the Grumpster, and Bandit rounded out the core top-eight.

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