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Speedy Captures IROC Title Convincingly

Last season, the NASCAR Heat Racing League revived the NHRL IROC Challenge, and the identical setup series delivered with almost universal acclaim. A follow up act was never in doubt. As expected, the league renewed the IROC series in 2020, and the result was a similar mix of draft-pack racing and late-race fireworks. Like in 2019, Speedyman found victory lane 5 times on his way to a second consecutive IROC championship. He started the year with a big statement, winning at the Symmons road course with a 20-second margin. However, the gap in every other race was less than 5 seconds, including four that were decided by less than 2 seconds. Rookiesrock put together an outstanding campaign with 3 victories, capturing the final two events to close the series, and finished runner-up in the standings. In third, lepage71 ran well all series long, but seemed plagued by unusual issues in each race, including several late spins that hampered his chances for victory and the title. Bandit followed up his strong third-place result in 2019, in which he won his first series race at Untona, with a solid fourth-place effort in 2020. The top-five was completed by d3efan, who was his customarily handsome self. Think IROC is in doubt for 2021? Nope, not us, either.

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