2018 ARL Home Pro Season 6 Announced, Racing Begins August 18th
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The 2018 Home Pro Series, Season 6, schedule as been officially released! 2018 begins in Riverside California with the Preseason Welcome Race on August 18th at 8:15pm ET and will run through December 15th for the Championship season finale at Atlanta. The series will be running in Expert mode with open setups, allowing drivers to push the performance of their 8 unique car models! Wear factors will be 3x on ovals and 4x on road courses. All races will be in the The Mod Squad's Platinum G3 mod and Classic Series add-on. Three championships will be up for grabs - drivers will be competing for the overall driver, team and manufacturer championships.

We will be racing Saturday evenings at 8:15pm ET. Drivers are allowed five custom paints and are permitted three provisionals during the season. We welcome racers of all skill levels and racing backgrounds.

Download the COTPlatinumG3 mod and Classic Series add-on.
Please review our rulebook here before your first event.
View schedule details here.

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