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HeatLink Released

HeatLink enables you to launch Nascar Heat from a web browser!!!!!

Works in ALL browsers...

This application will install HeatLink to your Nascar Heat folder AND system32 folder... this will also put a registry in to the system registry so you can lanuch Heat from a browser!

**Windows Vista and Win7 you must turn UAC off or allow the setup to run under admin!!!**

HeatLink Downlaod Link

or people that want to place a link on there website for their own hosted server you place this as a link and replace Modname, Ip, and Port with the mod you want to run sevrer ip and port of the server, by default all heat servers run on 2001 port (UDP)


Notice that there is NO http:// its been replaced with nheat://, this is what my application has enabled and my application handles ALL the heat commands for you!!!


P.S. please install this to your nascarheat folder!

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