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Speedyman11 Sweeps at OvidL Speedway

Speedyman11 Wins Heat

Speedyman11 won the heat race Sunday night at OvidL after starting from the back from a random draw start. Speedy lead 84 of the 87 scheduled laps with KartRacer63 leading the first 3 laps of the race. Breeze, Redimuss and JRich rounded out the top five finishers.

Speedyman11 Victorious in the Feature

With the field inverted, Grumpy and BlackKnight were on the front row for the feature race. BlackKnight jumped out to lead the first 6 laps of the 174 scheduled. Speedyman11 led the most laps at 137, KartRacer63 led 28, Breeze 2 and Grumpy led 1. Speedy made his second sweep of the season by winning both the head and feature. The top five finisher's of the feature were Speedyman11, KartRacer63, Breeze, Redimuss and JRich.

The next series event is February 21st at DRT TM, racing begins at 9pm ET. Join us for some racing fun.

View complete results from the OvidL heat here and feature here.

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