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Photo credit: Grumpy / HeatFinder
Photo credit: Grumpy / HeatFinder
lepage71 Wins Craziest and Strangest Event at the New Zealand Figure 8 Derby!

What a race that was - As the green flag was waved the field headed for turn one and the cross section, The_BanditYT took the lead and hit the jump over the cross section. In mid air, Bandit started hopping like a kangaroo. The exact opposite happened on Bandit's screen with everyone hopping on his screen. Five laps later Grumpy hit one of the many barrels on the Figure 8 track, launching him into space. As many others got stuck jumping throughout the race, Breeze and lepage71 were the last two cars running with six laps remaining. lepage71 lead Breeze into a hopping car which sent Breeze flying. lepage71 then recovered from two laps down and went on to win the craziest and wildest race in ARL Racing history.

View complete results here.

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Photo credit: ARL Racing
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Photo credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder
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Photo credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder
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