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NHRL Winter Welcome - December 21st

The NASCAR Heat Racing League has announced its second Signature Event, the Winter Welcome.

The Winter Welcome will happen on Friday, December 21 at 9:00 PM ET and consist of 10 rapid-fire, shootout-style races in the Super Heat Modified series. In total, the event will involve around 150 laps on some of the newest, smallest, and most popular short tracks from The Mod Squad and elsewhere. The Winter Welcome will also feature some unique characteristics, including field inversions for each race. Participants are required to connect to our Ventrilo server for the event.

NHRL Signature Events are an ongoing, season-less series of special exhibition races conducted at alternative courses in non-league-series mods. In some cases, the rules, formats, or other particularities may also differ significantly from standard league activities. The possibilities for NHRL Signature Events are truly limitless, so we invite members of the general community to join the discussion on our forum and take an active role in shaping their ever-evolving schedule.

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Where to Get the Courses:

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General Race Parameters:
Fri Dec 21 @ 9 PM ET / Hardcore Mode / 6x Wear Factor / Open Setups

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