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The action was close in the early stages between the top 3 -- Photo credit: viagra6car / HeatFinder
The action was close in the early stages between the top 3 -- Photo credit: viagra6car / HeatFinder
Speedyman11 Outduels viagra6car at Symmons

Race 2 of the LCHRL championship trio took place at the road course of Symmons. Speedyman11, lepage71, and viagra6car came into the event all separated by 1 point for the championship.

Speedyman11 picked up the first point of the night by grabbing the pole. On the initial start, Speedy, Bandit, and viagra6car all shuffled through the lead with plenty of contact between their machines. After a couple laps of close calls and track exits, Speedy cleared the pack and took off as the "king of the road" often does. Leading 9 of 10 laps, Speedyman11 picked up points win #8 of the season. Crossing in 2nd to keep the championship battle close was viagra6car. Bandit was the lone other driver to have a sight of the lead on his way to 3rd. DusterLag put up a great run in his first laps on the track to finish 4th. Other title contender lepage71 managed his way to a 5th place finish on the high-speed road course.

Following race #2 of the championship trio night, Speedy had a 5 point lead on viagra6car and a 9 point lead on lepage71. KartRacer63 was again absent as the other title contender.

Complete results here.

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