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2020 NHRL Busch Series Also Starts August 7th

The league calendar is about to hit overdrive. For the first time in years, two league series are slated to race on the same night across their entire schedules, as starting on August 7 the 2020 NHRL IROC Challenge and the 2020 NHRL Busch Series will combine for doubleheader events on Fridays from 8-9 PM ET. As expected, the field will turn once again to the NBS mod, an annual pilgrimage and rite of passage for the Busch Series, and perhaps the most popular and competitive mod in use on the whole NHRL circuit. Most pundits are anticipating a continuation of the recent dramatic race narratives in the transition from Cup to Busch. One especially new and interesting storyline will be the 8-4-1 Title Chase. The alternate championship made a big debut in Trucks, a great follow-up showing in Cup, and will now make its first date with Busch. Moreover, the league is also highly excited about the schedule, which will consist of 12 events between the August 7 opener and November 13 finale, and range from traditional league tracks like Bristol and Michigan to recent release courses like ISM Raceway and Chicagoland2018. To participate in Busch, please register on the forum. Given everything happening in 2020, we expect a lively state of affairs out on the track!

The 2020 NHRL Busch Series starts on August 7! We'll see you and everyone else there.

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FRIDAYS @ 9:00 PM ET / 45-60 Minute Duration / 4x Wear Factor / Caution Flags / Open Setups

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