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NHRL IROC Challenge Resumes August 7th

It's back! We're pleased to announce that the revived NHRL IROC Challenge will be renewed for a second straight season. And this time around, it should be even better. In 2019, the IROC Challenge made a popular return to the league in the Mustang IROC mod and the outcome was a tremendous success. The series also pushed boundaries, featuring a set of unique and innovative formats, including a universal paint template but with driver-specific colors and numbers, as well as new rules like our first-ever segments, inverted starting grids, and segment restart reversals. Oh, and we didn't even mention the identical setups, which is half of the purpose of doing an IROC series. In 2020, these items will return, along with a few new surprises. Last year, IROC was also notable for its creative track selection, and this year will continue the trend with distinctive venues like Symmons, TS Superdome, and North Wilkesboro on the schedule. Additionally, while the series remains at 8 events, it will also be shifting to Friday nights at 8 PM ET, meaning that each race will be a doubleheader alongside the NHRL Busch Series. It all starts on August 7, so be sure to check the forum for updates, and don't forget to request a personalized color and number!

The NHRL IROC Challenge is continuing in 2020! We'll see you and everyone else on the track.

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Mustang IROC Mod:;sa=view;down=1264

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General Event Information:
FRIDAYS @ 8:00 PM ET / 30-45 Minute Duration / Caution Flags / Identical Setups

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