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Speedyman11 Edges Two for Close Chicagoland2018 Victory

On October 9, the Busch Series traveled to Chicagoland2018 for the ninth meeting of the 2020 campaign. What ensued was another entertaining performance for the ages. Defeating a flurry of contestants, Speedyman11 drove to a well-deserved win with the aid of patient techniques, leading 64 of 72 laps and besting Rookiesrock by 1.8 seconds. En route to finishing second, Rookiesrock led eight laps of his own to burnish a serious battle for the trophy. In a fine effort, lepage71 laid claim to the bronze medal, crossing the finish 1.9 seconds behind Speedyman11. No slowpokes, d3efan and CR49 were also significant factors, locking down fourth and fifth to fill out the top-five. The victory, Speedyman11's seventh of the season, strengthens his buffer over lepage71 in the standings to 61 points. In its next event, the Busch Series heads to Texas in what promises to be another shootout.

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