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Speedyman11 Halts Rookiesrock for Season-Ending Victory

On November 13, the Busch Series cruised into California for the final race of the 2020 season. All that happened was another exciting, big-league performance. Holding off a bevy of contestants, Speedyman11 drove to a well-deserved win with the aid of patient techniques, leading 14 of 64 laps and topping d3efan by 3.1 seconds. En route to finishing second, d3efan led four laps of his own to put up a close battle for the trophy. In a fine effort, Rookiesrock grabbed the third finishing position, crossing the finish 4.1 seconds behind Speedyman11. A few paces back, viagra6car and CR49 were not to be forgotten either, locking down fourth and fifth to fill out the top-five. The victory, Speedyman11's ninth of the season, strengthens his final lead over lepage71 in the standings to 79 points. The Busch Series has now concluded another great competition. We look forward to even more of the same next season.

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Photo credit: Bandit / HeatFinder
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