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10 Years of NASCAR Heat

The Mod Squad, HeatFinder, SpeedSims and BlaxmanTV congratulates the game creators and the entire HEAT community for the 10th Anniversary of Nascar HEAT.

To celebrate this special moment, we have the pleasure to invite everyone of you to celebrate with us at the 10 Years of HEAT Online Racing Festival on October 15-16-17. The festival features a small diversity of new or classic mods to be ran at new and classic tracks of many kinds.

It wasnt easy to select the mods and tracks, specially among the extraordinaire amount of great stuff we have available for HEAT. The events were selected considering the polular appeal and the contrast between the old and recent mods we have available.

Very special thanks to DaveO, Cholerix, Raybee1970, DusterLag, TWChad, track makers, mod makers, drivers, league owners, users, everyone of you guys reading this right now.... for making all this fun possible.

May everyone keep having lots of fun....


For further information and sign ups, please visit:

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