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Race 21 @ Martinsville SP Goes Right for GTSVip9

Race 21 went right for championship leader GTSVip9 Saturday night when he drove to his eighth victory of the season at Martinsville SP. JB0007 surprised the field when he captured his first Cup Series pole award and was the fastest car after setting an incredible 19.708 second lap time but he quickly fell and struggled eventually finishing sixth, eight laps down. Spike led the opening laps until the first round of pit stops where he lost significant time, allowing GTSVip9 an open door to the lead - a lead he would not give up through the remainder of the race. Spike would pull out second position while blackknight, DusterLag and Patch would round out the top five. GTSVip9 continues to increase his driver championship lead over Donaldson, after Donaldson missed the event, to eighteen points with three races now remaining. A battle is brewing outside the reset as Spike and JB0007 battle for eleventh position, currently separated by just one point with Spike leading. Twisted Metal continues to lead the team championship by 1.55 positions over NH Autosport. View complete results here.

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