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Donaldson Sweeps Up Features, DusterLag Chases From Heat

Wednesday night's 2014A Home Pro Series kicked off on the dirt at Adams County2K6 with DusterLag taking victory in the Heat race placing him on pole for Feature 1. DusterLag looked strong throughout Feature 1, holding the outside lane but Donaldson pulled out the victory from the inside lane. Feature 2 started with an inverted field, placing Donaldson in eighth and CudaMan340 on the pole. Donaldson quickly worked his way to the lead and captured his second victory and sweeping the night's Features. The season's drivers standings begin with Donaldson leading over DusterLag by ten points followed closely by Patch, GTSVip9 and Grumpy each fifteen, twenty and twenty-eight points back. NH Autosport leads the Team Standings over Twisted Metal by fifteen. Up next is DRT Akron on January 29th at 9pm Eastern, the night will include a Heat and two Features. View complete results for the Heat here, Feature 1 here and Feature 2 here.

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