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NHRL Cup 2011 Mod Released

Hello everyone. Just in time for the 2011 Season the NASCAR Heat Racing League and Bover's Custom Paintshop are proud to release the NHRL Cup Series 2011 Mod. (link at bottom)

The mod features 35 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Cars. There's only 35 because that's all the drivers that currently have 2011 plans officially announced as far as I can tell from various sources.

Here's a list of changes you'll notice from the original NHRL Cup Series mod which was released in February, 2008.
Front Splitter was replaced with the brace-less splitter which NASCAR is switching to in 2011.
The rear Wing was replaced with the current NSCS style spoiler. (Note that you'll see spoiler adjustment values from 40º to 70º just as was in the original NASCAR heat cup car, but your setups which you used with the 2008 NHRL Cup mod will work perfectly.)
The cockpit view was improved by moving the window braces closer to the center of the windshield and raising the perspective of the cockpit view slightly.
The Shift light was changed from blue to orange, and made significantly larger to make it more noticeable out of the corner of your eye when it lights up.
The "Dodge" graphic has been removed from the valve covers of the common engine, eliminating the problem of Dodge showing up on your engine no matter which model you paint your car.

It's very important to remember to copy the setups folder from Your NHRL Cup mod to the new folder which is called "nhrlc11". You may want to copy your records folder as well. Good luck and Happy Racing!

I'd like to personally Thank Easton(#'s 20, 27, and 88), Hawkseye05(#1), Bmxtwins(#'s 4, 43, and 83), and Mustangman(#21) for helping out with painting some cars.

Download here.

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