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November 2014 Community Stats

The community stats have been updated through November 30th. Here are some milestones that were reached this month:

Race Winners for the Month of November:

Rookiesrock - 5 Wins
Donaldson - 3 Wins
Speedyman11 - 2 Wins
KartRacer63 - 1 Win
lepage71 - 1 Win
Ltfireman1604 - 1 Win
Patch - 1 Win
Spike - 1 Win

Patch reaches 1,400 career Starts

BlackKnight gets his 900th career Lap Led
KartRacer63 & Speedyman11 join the 1,000 career Laps Led club

Donaldson captures Round 4 of the Heat Race of Champions Series @ Daytona RC

Spike captures the NHCA Winner Festival @ Limerock Mountain

Donaldson captures 4th career Derby Event @ Martinsville

Spike captures 2nd career NASCAR Heat championship
Rookiesrock captures his 16th & 17th career NASCAR Heat Championships
Patch captures his 19th career NASCAR Heat Championship

NH Autosport (DusterLag, Grumpy, ucrdoh, GTSvip9 & Donaldson) captures 7th team championship this year

Congratulations to all drivers on their achievements this month. All other stats can be found @

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