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HROC Round 1 Taken by Speedyman11

Speedyman11 captured victory Saturday night at Round 1 of the 2015 HROC (Heat Race of Champions) Series! Round 1 took place at Michigan International Speedway in the popular classic Legend Car Heat mod. Seven drivers entered the race with a field set by random draw, Speedyman11 started on the pole with Breeze outside. Thirty laps later five drivers were at the front racing for the win all within two tenths of a second. With a push from ltfireman1604 - Speedy pulled out the win by six hundredths of a second. lt finished second after picking up the Hard Charger Award. Donaldson crossed the line third after leading ten laps, the most of the race for a single driver. Grumpy finished fourth and BlackKnight finished fifth - both driver led laps during the event. Breeze finished sixth with Patch coming in seventh after suffering a disconnect and earning the headache award.

HROC is a yearly series of events open to an elite group of community drivers finishing in the top five of their respective driver championship standings amongst all heat community leagues. Events in the series are spread across many different car styles, track types and race configurations in an effort to highlight all of the community's series unique features. For the 2015 Series this list includes twenty drivers from across all the recognized leagues.

Interested in Legends Cars racing or the Legend Car Heat mod? Stay tuned to for the 2015 LCHRL Legend Car Series which will be beginning is 15th season in May!

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