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Who said fuel was important... BlackKnight Wins Round 2 of the 2015 HROC Series

Who said fuel was important... Well BlackKnight managed to conserve just enough of it with a push from fellow NH Autosport team member Grumpy Sunday night. Round 2 of the 2015 Heat Race of Champions Series (HROC) took place at Talladega Superspeedway in the hugely popular Platinum G3 mod using the 2014 Nationwide add-on and while seven of the eight entries came to pit road for fuel during the thirty lap event - BlackKnight decided the risk was worth it. BK captured his first career HROC victory after leading 24 of the 30 laps on a single tank of fuel (and a push from turn four on the final lap). "BK was out of gas. I ended up literally pushing him to victory." said Grumpy during post-race interviews.

BK after the race... "gotta give credit to Grumpy, if he hadn't been with me and pushed me from turn 4 to the finish [i] wouldn't have gotten it. Patch and I never pitted and I ran out of gas coming off turn 4 coming to the finish. [It] was a gamble, I thought I'd try and it payed off with letting Speedy and Fireman go past and drafting them to save fuel with Grumpy pushing me." "[It] was a great race and great team work that got this win!"

BK ended up finishing the race with a 26 second lead. Donaldson finished second followed by Spike in third, Patch fourth, Speedyman11 fifth, ltfireman1604 sixth and Grumpy seventh. Breeze picked up the Fastest Lap Award but also picked up the Headache Award ending up two laps down in eighth.

HROC is a yearly series of events open to an elite group of community drivers finishing in the top five of their respective driver championship standings amongst all heat community leagues. Events in the series are spread across many different car styles, track types and race configurations in an effort to highlight all of the community's series unique features. For the 2015 Series this list includes twenty drivers from across all the recognized leagues.

Interested in Nationwide and Xfinity racing or the Platinum G3 mod? The Arcade Racing League at and Hardcore Motorsports at regularly run similar series under the National, Nationwide and Xfinity Series names all of which run mods within the Platinum G3 family! Both leagues have multiple series active and racing right now, check them out!

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