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Patch Cup Series: Speedyman11 Wins Atlanta 150, Holds Off Pole-sitter Rookiesrock

Race 2 of the 2016 Patch Cup Series took place Saturday night and began with open qualifying. At the mid-way point with 5 minutes remaining Rookiesrock took the pole with a solid 28.494 but just a couple minutes later improved on this time. Rookiesrock captured the pole award with a 28.397 second lap.

When the green flag dropped, Rookiesrock pulled to an early lead with KartRacer63 in second and Speedyman11 third.

The first round of pit stops began on lap 13 under green. Speedyman11 emerged as the race leader after stops cycles with a 2.5 second lead over Rookiesrock who was the leader before pit stops began.

The second round of pit stops began on lap 25 with Speedy and Rookie continuing to lead the field afterwards.

After a 26 lap green flag run, the first caution waved on lap 28 when Breeze caught the apron sending him up the track and into KartRacer63 who made a hard hit into the outside wall. Breeze continued back down the track and into the inside wall hard, both cars receiving heavy damage. While under yellow BlackKnight was carrying too much speed and made a hard hit into the turn 4 inside wall head on - receiving heavy damage. Everyone took advantage of the caution to make a pit stop.

The green flag dropped to start lap 34 with Speedyman11 leading the field, Rookiesrock followed on the outside in second position with KartRacer63 in third. Rookie moved into the lead quickly taking advantage of Speedy sliding high in turn 3. JRich struggled with mechanical issues on lap 38 when his gear shifter fell apart sending him spinning into turn 1, but he recovered - slowing to the apron and avoiding damage.

With Rookiesrock leading, green flag pit stops began on lap 44. Following stops, Rookie maintained the lead with a 1.5 second margin over Speedyman11 in second.

Stops began again on lap 57 with Speedy on Rookies bumper. Speedy's stop was perfect and gave him a 3 second lead when everyone's stops cycled through.

Green flag conditions continued for 30 laps and stops began on lap 68 but while some cars began making their stops the second caution flag waved as JRich's connection struggled. JRich's car warped through leader Speedyman11's car causing heavy damage. After being stuck on pit road when the yellow came out, Rookiesrock received the lucky dog and was able to get back onto the lead lap. As the rest of the leaders pitted, KartRacer63 and BlackKnight were also able to receive a wave around and get their laps back after being caught on pit road when the yellow came out.

The race was restarted on lap 75 with Speedyman11 leading the field. Unfortunately a restart grid lineup mistake allowed Breeze to start alongside Speedy and end up with the race lead when the green dropped. Racing became tight as Breeze, KartRacer63, Speedyman11 and Rookiesrock battled for the lead with less than 20 laps remaining in the race. 3-wide racing lasted many laps until Speedy and Rookie worked their way between Breeze and Kart to take the lead on lap 84.

Rookiesrock moved into the lead on lap 85 but nearly lost it sliding through turn 4 after catching the apron, allowing Speedy to re-take the lead as the drivers began a round of green flag pit stops. Speedyman11 maintained his lead as stops cycled through, leaving him with a 5 second margin over Rookiesrock in second and Breeze another 2 seconds back.

Issues continued for JRich when he appeared under Rookiesrock's #48 Lowe's Chevrolet sending him onto his roof at the start/finish line and bringing out the third caution on lap 91. Breeze and KartRacer63 chose not to pit under caution while the rest of the field came onto pit road making Breeze the leader with 4 laps remaining.

The green flag was waved with 3 laps to go and Breeze leading the field with KartRacer outside. Speedy worked his way into second by turn 2 as Breeze and BlackKnight battled and bounced off each-other in a heated battle. Kart took the lead at the green flag but Speedy quickly moved into the lead with 2 laps to go in turn 3. At the white flag Speedy lead with Kart and Rookie behind. Rookie moved into second entering turn 3 while Kart dropped to third. Speedyman11 captured the victory in his #11 TMS Wolfpack Chevrolet. Rookiesrock finished second with KartRacer63, Breeze and BlackKnight rounding out the top five.

View complete results here.
Watch the qualifying session replay here and the race replay here.

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