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Speedyman11 Wins Over DusterLag at T-Bone National Series Atlanta 75

Race 2 of the 2016 T-Bone National Series began with open qualifying, a 10 minute session out of which the fastest lap time each driver runs sets the race grid. At the midway point Speedyman11 held the pole and looked to have a strong time. But with 3 minutes remaining DusterLag moved into the pole position with a 29.762 second lap. Shortly afterwards puttzracer took the second qualifying position with a 29.792 second lap setting the front row.

DusterLag lead the first lap as the green flag waved after starting on the pole but was quickly passed on the outside by puttzracer working with his TMS Wolfpack teammates of Rookiesrock and Speedyman11. Rookiesrock took the lead on lap 13 as puttzracer dropped back to second hoping to save fuel.

Rookie led until the first round of pit stops, coming in on lap 19. Trouble ensued on pit road as BlackKnight slammed the rear-end of Rookie. As a result of the contact when entering pit road, Rookiesrock picked up an automatic black flag for speeding and BlackKnight's front end was totaled. Trouble continued to Rookie as he exited his stall, hitting KartRacer63 who was entering his stall and sending Kart spinning into the grass. Kart exited in tenth after entering in the top five.

Little changed at the front of the field during the second round of pit stops which began on lap 32. Speedyman11 and DusterLag remained first and second after stops cycled through. DusterLag found drafting help from NH Autosport teammates KartRacer63 and Grumpy but couldn't make up the time with the few laps remaining. Speedy proceeded to lead the race until the checkered flag when he captured the Atlanta 75 victory - leading 29 of the 49 laps.

The ARL T-Bone National Series continues with race 3, the Las Vegas 70, at the 1.5 mile oval on March 5th at 9pm ET.

View complete results here.
Watch the qualifying session replay here and the race replay here.

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