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Speedyman11 Takes Checked Flag in Both Events at L84 Speedway

Speedyman11 won the heat race Sunday night at L84 Speedway after starting in the fourth position from a random start grid. BlackKnight started in the second position and led 5 of the 62 laps scheduled for the event. KartRacer63 led 10 laps while Speedyman11 led the remaining 47 and captured the victory. Also in the top five were puttzracer 3rd, KartRacer63 4th and Grumpy in the 5th position.

With the field inverted for the feature the front row consisted of Breeze on the pole with Grumpy starting on the outside. At the drop of the green flag Breeze led the first 2 laps then BlackKnight took the lead for 5 laps until he was passed by Speedyman11 and KartRacer63. From then on Kart and Speedy swapped the lead most of the race with Speedy taking the victory at the finish. Top five finishers from the feature were Speedyman11 1st, KartRacer63 2nd, Breeze 3rd, puttzracer 4th and BlackKnight 5th.

The next series event is March 6th at DRT Pantucky, racing begins at 9pm ET. Join us for some racing fun.

View complete results from the DRT TM heat here and feature here.

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