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Speedyman11 Victorious at Texas Shootout 60

Breeze captured the pole with a qualifying time of 24.160. Breeze took the lead for the first 11 laps of the race until BlackKnight managed to pass him and then led 6 laps until the first pit stops. After the pit stops Speedyman11 took the lead for the remaining 23 laps of the scheduled 40 laps to take the checkered flag. BlackKnight ran the fastest lap of the race with a lap time of 24.978. The top five finishers of the race were Speedyman11, 2nd KartRacer63, 3rd BlackKnight, 4th Breeze, 5th Redimuss.

The next scheduled race will be on March 9th at Watkins Glen beginning at 9pm ET. Come join us for some fast and fun racing on a road course

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