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(Credit: puttzracer)
(Credit: puttzracer)
HDRL Welcome Race - September 7th

This is the first ever race in a new league, the Heat Digital Racing League. It was formed after taking over the former TourSport Series from HeatFinder. This is a welcome race to spread the word about the new league. The first points series will start sometime in the November/December time frame.

The race will be run in Hardcore mode with open setups, I will post a base setup on the schedule page later this week.

The mod used for this race is the Vintage Trans Am 3.0 mod which is available here at the Mod Squad VTA 3.0.

The track used will be Chatham, which is also available here at TMS Chatham.

The league site is now up and fully functional (made possible by DusterLag). An account on the site is not required for this welcome race, but why not sign up because you know you will want to race in the series (which will require registration). HDRL Site.

We will be utilizing the HeatFinder Server's at this time for racing and voice chat. TEAMSPEAK IS REQUIRED TO RACE!

Game Server:
TeamSpeak Server:

All drivers are welcome, even if you have never raced online before. I look forward to seeing everyone out on the track.

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