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SimMax Render Application Sneak Peak

My latest project is SimMax Rendering System This software is used for 3d models from pc games when making custom paint schemes you can load the 3d car model and the new paint into SimMax witch will then render the model so you can easily check you work before releasing then new schemes to the public for use please find below a image of SimMax in its latest Beta stage!

- Load 3d scene
- Load 3d car model
- Load your custom paint for the car
- Load your wheel textures
- Save your renders name of your choise png or jpg and in the dir you want

SimMax Editor (Yes i have made tools for the application to stay with the whole editing scene.)

- Export your new heat models from max as .x
- Inport yourcar.x into SimMax Editor and export as yourcar.smm
- SimMax Editor creates the whole dir ready to load into SimMax Rendering System

- Create a scene in 3ds max or any 3d modeller that can export as .x
- Import your new.x scene into SimMax Editor
- Move the SunLight and Camera to where you want them
- Export the scenemodel as .smm
- Export the sconf file

SimMax Editor creates the whole dir for it to load in SimMax Rendering System.

Things left to do before 0.9 beta release...
- Finish up coding registration
- Finish the beta website with render gallery

I Hope ya all will enjoy this application as i have big things for it for new releases.

Feedback Welcome

Kev (TADS)

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