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ARL Home Pro Series Returns with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Photo credit: The_BanditYT / HeatFinder
Photo credit: The_BanditYT / HeatFinder

The ARL Home Pro Series returns with major changes. First, The_BanditYT will be running the series along side Grumpy, the Series Director. The series will also take on the popular G3-Classic Series mod from The Mod Squad. The schedule is based off of NASCAR's 1970 and 1980 season schedules and features tracks such as G3-Daytona_GN, GN-NWilkesboro, and RiversideNascar.

The sixteen race season will start on August 18th at RiviersideNascar and end on December 15th at GN-Atlanta. The races will be held at 8:15pm ET on Saturady's before the ARL Patch Cup Series. So bring out your retro paints because we are going back in time for a totally radical season and we hope to see you on the track.

Information about the series can be found here.

You can sign up for the series here.