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Photo credit: The_BanditYT / HeatFinder
Photo credit: The_BanditYT / HeatFinder
ARL Home Pro Series Returns with a Fresh Coat of Paint

The ARL Home Pro Series returns with major changes. First, The_BanditYT will be running the series along side Grumpy, the Series Director. The series will also take on the popular G3-Classic Series mod from The Mod Squad. The schedule is based off of NASCAR's 1970 and 1980 season schedules and features tracks such as G3-Daytona_GN, GN-NWilkesboro, and RiversideNascar.

The sixteen race season will start on August 18th at RiviersideNascar and end on December 15th at GN-Atlanta. The races will be held at 8:15pm ET on Saturady's before the ARL Patch Cup Series. So bring out your retro paints because we are going back in time for a totally radical season and we hope to see you on the track.

Information about the series can be found here.

You can sign up for the series here.

Photo credit: lepage71 / NASCAR Heat Racing League
Speedyman11 Holds Off Pack for Victory at Watkins Glen
On August 3, the Cup Series cruised into Watkins Glen for the tenth race of the 2018 campaign.
Photo credit: Grumpy / HeatFinder
lepage71 Dominates at Atlanta in the NHRL Cup Series
lepage71 dominated the race by successfully lapping the field.