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Photo credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder
Photo credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder
Speedyman11 Laps Entire Field at the Patch Cup Series Brickyard 200

Speedyman11 lapped the entire field Saturday night during the ARL Patch Cup Series Brickyard 200 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was Speedy's second time lapping the field during the 2018 season, the first being at the Rockingham UK Tour in June when he put everyone down at least two laps.

DusterLag and BlackKnight finished one lap down in second and third positions. Bandit and Grumpy rounded out the top five and were the only drivers to finish the race in the eight car field at this challenging course.

View complete results here and the current standings here.

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Photo credit: Grumpy / HeatFinder
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