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Photo credit: lepage71 / NASCAR Heat Racing League
Photo credit: lepage71 / NASCAR Heat Racing League
Speedyman11 Fails Dismally to Lap the Field at Sonoma 2012

On September 28, the Busch Series traveled to Sonoma 2012 for the sixth meeting of the 2018 campaign. As expected, the level of energy echoed across the community. Overcoming a party of pursuers, Speedyman11 drove to a convincing win through a speedy machine, leading 37 of 40 laps and edging lepage71 by 25.0 seconds. En route to second-place, lepage71 led three laps of his own to habor a daring competition for the hardware. In a fine bid, Jes Rathbun claimed the coveted bronze medal, coming to the finish one lap behind Speedyman11. No slowpokes, Grumpy and Bandit were also significant factors, registering fourth and fifth to wrap up the top-five. The victory, Speedyman11's fourth of the season, boosts his cusion over lepage71 in the standings to 12 points. In its next event, the Busch Series heads to Talladega in what promises to be another shootout.

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Photo credit: lepage71 / NASCAR Heat Racing League
Speedy Holds Off Pack with Aid of Ally Rookie @ Talladega
On October 5, the Busch Series strolled into Talladega for the seventh stage of the 2018 campaign.
Keith Powell Kicks Off SUPRS 15th Season with First Harvest of Speed Win at LaPorte Speedway
Carrollton, Ohio’s Keith Powell battled back to the front late in the SUPRS Harvest of Speed Tuesday night at LaPorte Speedway