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Speedyman11, lepage71 Simultaneously Coast to the Line

On March 8, the Truck Series traveled to Phoenix for the final meeting of the 2019 campaign. As expected, the level of action and drama made a big statement. Overcoming a party of pursuers, Speedyman11 drove to a convincing win through a speedy machine, leading 94 of 96 laps and edging lepage71 by 5.7 seconds. En route to second-place, lepage71 led two laps of his own to habor a daring competition for the hardware. In a fine bid, d3efan claimed the coveted bronze medal, coming to the finish one lap behind Speedyman11. No slowpokes, Jes Rathbun and BlackKnight were also significant factors, registering fourth and fifth to wrap up the top-five. The victory, Speedyman11's sixth of the season, tightens his final deficit to lepage71 in the standings to 0 points. The Truck Series has now concluded another great competition. We look forward to even more of the same next season.

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The Mod Squad
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On March 15, the NASCAR Heat Racing League will make a quick transition to its next series, shifting from the NHRL Truck Series to the NHRL Cup Series in the span of one week.