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18th Anniversary Community Awards Winners & Festival Announcement

Voting is over and the 18th Anniversary Heat Community Awards have been handed out! The 18th Anniversary Winner Festival race has also been scheduled for Saturday, November 23rd at 9pm ET US - more on that later.

This years Community Awards consisted of 10 categories under the Performance and Support groups. Heat Community members had four weeks to place their votes on the HeatFinder Community Hub. Here are the 2018, 18th Anniversary, results!

Driver of the Year: Speedyman11

Qualifier of the Year: Speedyman11
Dominator of the Year: Speedyman11
Dedicated Driver of the Year: Grumpy
Rookie of the Year: Bandit
Team of the Year: TMS Wolfpack
League of the Year: ARL Racing

Mod of the Year: Mustang IROC by Rouge / The Mod Squad
Track of the Year: Orange County Speedway by Speedyman11
Developer of the Year: Speedyman11

Full Voting Results

A special thank you to Donaldson for working hard on gathering as many statistics as possible throughout the year, allowing community-wide performance based awards to take place.

18th Anniversary HCA Winner Festival

HeatFinder is proud to announce the 18th Anniversary Heat Community Awards Winner Festival for 2019 will take place Saturday, November 23rd at 9pm ET US. We will be racing in Rogue and The Mod Squad's new Mustang IROC mod at Speedyman11's new Orange County Speedway course. We will be racing in Hardcore mode, 3x wear with black flags. The race will run 120 laps. As 2018 Driver of the Year Speedyman11 will sit on the pole position and Bandit will start outside pole as the 2018 Rookie of the Year. The race is open to all in the Heat Community, come have some fun.

A base setup created by Speedyman11 is available here.

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