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Speedyman11 Captures 2019 ARL Modifieds Series Championship

Speedyman11 has officially captured the 2019 ARL Modifieds Series championship after race results were finalized. This is Speedyman11's second Modifieds Series championship and nineteenth overall ARL Racing title. Speedyman11 captured 4 wins in just 5 starts. Bandit, who fell short on tires during the final race and ended the season second in the championship standings, captured 3 wins and 1 pole in his 7 starts. Speedyman11 drove the #2 TMS Wolfpack LFR Chassis powered car, the only LFR Chassis entry during the 2019 season. Speedyman11 also picked up five poles during the season. 2019 was Speedyman11's third season in the Modifieds Series (second year competing for the championship) and seventh active year racing in the ARL, making his first start in 2013. Speedyman11, Bandit, Grumpy, WingSideUp, and Redimuss made it through the regular season and into end the season as the championship 5.

U.Racing; with driver Bandit; captured the 2019 Team Championship, their first in the Modifieds Series.

LFR Chassis; with driver Speedyman11; captured 2019 Manufacturer Championship, the second time they have captured the Modifieds Series and the only manufacturer to earn two titles in the series.

Drivers ran a total of 7 races across 12 months during the 2019 season. 2018 had 2 different winners and 3 pole sitters with 11 participating drivers.

Find detailed championship standing listings here.

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