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lepage71 Victorious in Series Return at Milwaukee Mile

On July 20, the IROC Challenge traveled to Milwaukee Mile for the opening meeting of the 2019 campaign. As expected, the level of action and drama hit soaring heights. Overcoming a party of pursuers, lepage71 drove to a convincing win through a speedy machine, leading 38 of 71 laps and edging BlackKnight by 0.8 seconds. En route to second-place, BlackKnight led two laps of his own to put up a serious competition for the hardware. In a fine bid, DusterLag claimed the final step on the podium, coming to the finish 0.8 seconds behind lepage71. Not to be overlooked, Bandit and d3efan were no slouches either, registering fourth and fifth to wrap up the top-five. The victory sets BlackKnight just 1 point behind lepage71 in the initial standings. In its next event, the IROC Challenge heads to Dayton2 in what promises to be another shootout.

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2019 NHRL Busch Series Begins August 2nd
Amidst all the energy and novelty surrounding the NHRL IROC Challenge, it might be easy to downplay the upcoming the NHRL Busch Series.
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HeatFinder has a new Discord! Discord is a chat platform with both a text chatroom and voice chatrooms.