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2019 NHRL Busch Series Begins August 2nd

Amidst all the energy and novelty surrounding the NHRL IROC Challenge, it might be easy to downplay the upcoming the NHRL Busch Series. The wise know better, however. The latest installment of standard league series racing will be certain to usher its own share of drama and excitement. As an example, for the first time in several seasons, we expect some familiar big-time contenders to return to the Busch Series roster in 2019. The drivers include d3efan, viagra6car, and several others. Moreover, as viagra6car himself has long contended, "Busch is best" when it comes to close competition, owing in part to the perfect balance between handling and drafting provided in the NBS mod. As in recent years, the Busch Series schedule will follow a familiar timeframe, unfolding between August 2 and November 15 on Friday nights at 9:00 PM ET. The Busch Series campaign starts with the weaving lanes of Watkins Glen and concludes under the banked lights of Miami H. To participate, please register on the forum. Given the course rotation this year, we expect a fairly high-speed state of affairs out on the track!

The 2019 NHRL Busch Series starts on August 2! We'll see you and everyone else there.

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FRIDAYS @ 9:00 PM ET / 45-60 Minute Duration / 3x Wear Factor / Caution Flags / Open Setups

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