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Third Yearly Trek to Florida Set for January 25 Weekend

That's correct, 2020 starts with one of our favorite events, the third annual NHRL 24 @ DAYTONA.

The third NHRL 24 @ DAYTONA will happen on January 25 at 9:00 PM ET and consist of 24 green-flag laps at Daytona RC in the SCGTS Mod. Drivers may choose to pilot either the GT2 or GT3 class within the mod; we'll commemorate the honorary victor from each group. The event will also include driver-led caution flags, where the leader of the race will become the pace lap leader with the calling of a caution flag. Drivers are required to connect to our Ventrilo server for the festivities.

NHRL Signature Events are an ongoing, season-less series of special exhibition races conducted on alternative courses in non-league-series mods. In some cases, the rules, formats, or other particularities may also differ significantly from standard league activities. The possibilities for NHRL Signature Events are truly limitless, so we invite members across the general community to join the discussion on our forum and take an active role in shaping their ever-evolving schedule.

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Sat Jan 25 @ 9 PM ET / Hardcore Mode / 4x Wear Factor / Caution Flags / Open Setups

Photo credit: DusterLag / HeatFinder
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