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New Age Sim Racing Announces Next Series

NASR will be going green again September 8th @ 9PM Eastern using the G2 Cup mod.

This series will be a first for this league, focusing on teams and awarding a team championship. Drivers who are not on a team may still compete for the individual championship as usual. There *may* be an award given to the members of the winning team. ;)

Team points format:

Each team will be allotted 1 provisional start for only 1 team driver to use in case you don't meet the 2 driver minimum.

Each team has to have a 2 driver minimum (if 2 team drivers don't show up for the race and you have no provisional to use, that team will not be scored for that event)

You may have up to 4 drivers per team

Drivers are not allowed to swap teams after race 1 has started but you may add new members throughout the season but cannot exceed the 4 driver maximum per team

We will take the average finish per team per race to calculate the point total for that event
(example - team 1 drivers score 10 points and 8 points for race one. 10 + 8 = 18/2 drivers = 9 points)

We will be using the current point system

* Victory : 20 points
* 2nd position : 19 points
* 3rd position : 18 points
* 4th position : 17 points
* 5th position : 16 points
* 6th position : 15 points
* 7th position : 14 points
* 8th position : 13 points
* 9th position : 12 points
* 10th position : 11 points
* 11th position : 10 points
* 12th position : 9 points
* 13th position : 8 points
* 14th position : 7 points
* 15th position: 6 points
* etc....

Bonus Points:
* Any driver who leads a lap during a race receives 1 bonus point for team
* The driver who leads the most laps receives an additional 1 bonus point for team
*Hard charger will receive 1 bonus point for team
* The race winner receives 1 bonus point for team

All drivers will also be competing in the individual driver's championship using our current point system, which means at the end of the season, there will be 2 championships awarded.

All standard NASR rules will apply, you will be allowed 2 custom paint schemes for this series.

All races will use fixed setups (please visit the setups post for details) and will be run on 3x wear.


9/8- Charlotte_SP 75 Laps
9/15- Infineon_SP 20 Laps
9/22- N_Bristol_SP 125 Laps*
9/29- Pocono_SP 20 Laps
10/6- N_Daytona_RPV 25 Laps*
10/13- N_Phoenix_SP 90 Laps*
10/20- N_Richmond_SP 110 Laps*
10/27- Watkins_Glen_SP 20 Laps
11/3- Las_Vegas_SP 90 Laps
11/10- New_Hampshire_SP 95 Laps
11/17- Dover_Downs_SP 105 Laps
12/1- Talladega_SP 25 Laps

*Tracks marked with a (*) are the night versions. For us to be able to use them online, you will need to make a copy of the night version, then re-name it exactly as it is shown in the schedule. You will also have to do this with your setup folder.*

So round up your teams and get ready to battle for our first ever NASR Team Championship!

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