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NASCAR HEAT 10 Years - The Celebration Project

Nascar Heat will complete 10 years on September 27. So, we are officially starting the celebration season!

This small movies is a small tribute to all these years of fun the original game, mod makers, trackmakers, tool makers, racers, site/league owners and admins, painters, test drivers, everyone has done for Heat. Thank you all!!!

Special thanks to Bowtie, the community member who recorded this beautiful rendition of the Nascar Heat theme.

A lot of action, events, releases and anything else we can think of to celebrate a whole decade of fun!


Take note:

A special racing festival will be thrown by a pool of Heat entities (The Mod Squad, HeatFinder, SpeedSims and BlaxmanTV) in honor of the 10 Years of Heat on October 15-16-17. Three days in a row of racing fun with a variety of mods, tracks, new stuff to be released and classic stuff.

You miss that, you'll never forgive yourself.....

Stay tuned for more details soon!

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