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GrandValley East Released

Track facts: 1.5 Miles/2.4 KM
This is a conversion from the rFactor track by Ewan (Uzzi) Chalker, a scratch built track inspired by the track for Gran Turismo 1.

This is the East (short) version of the Track, 1.5 miles/2.4 KM in length and includes one tunnel which can introduce some interesting racing.

For Heat, the sky dome is included in this one and really gives the feeling of "movement" ingame, and eliminates the repetitive nature of the scheme used in the original Heat method. There are no penalty traps in this track and it has rougher grass, deep sand, and slick grass in key areas.

A new addition for a Heat track: given the mountainous terrain, there can be dirt/pebble debris that exists on the track in some spots. This can cause bumpy, slick, and dusty conditions on the track surface in some areas. This debris is visible on the track and caution is needed in these areas, especially when running in a crowd. After becoming more familiar with these areas, it can be used as an advantage for drifting, given the condition of the track surface.

There are not many places on the track to take a breather except on the long main straight. After leaving the big city atmosphere, you head into the mountainous Grand Valley where continuous concentration is required the rest of the way.

Anonymous Contributor: for the setups, GCF, testing/feedback, and overall moral support during the development of this track! Thanks DaveO, oops, I mean Mr. Anonymous.

Karl for the Shelby Mod, all other Mods, SpeedSims, Leagues, and overall contribution to the Heat community. I will let it go at that. Take a peek at this Track Karl, I think you will like it.


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