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Donaldson Captures Second All-Star Race Victory @ Pocono

Smitty raced his way into the 2013B All-Star Race during the All-Star Qualifier Friday night by taking the victory and qualifying himself for all future All-Star races as well! GTSVip9 and rockman316 also raced their way in with a second and third place finish. View complete results here.

Donaldson captured his second All-Star Race Victory during the feature race Friday night at G3-Pocono SP, the leagues fourth All-Star visit to the track. Donaldson started on the pole but was up for a battle as Spike, GTSVip9 and Patch would swap the lead around. By the race restart after the competition caution Donaldson was in last place and looked to be out of the race, but he quickly made his way back to the front to take the trophy. View complete results here.

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