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HeatFinder Report for December 2015

THANK YOU to our patrons who pledged their support to us during November! Thanks to all of their support, and a very generous patron who increased their pledge, HeatFinder was able to make the much needed server move! We are happy to say both of our Public race servers are now up and running on high-quality networks in far more central and reliable locations.

Our next funding goal will allow us to purchase and hand out real awards, including a trophy, to the driver champions of HeatFinder Leagues series! With the amount of work these champions put into their online racing careers they surely deserve physical hardware to go along with the triumph. Can you help us get there?

HeatFinder has always been and continues to be funded through donations and operated by a staff of dedicated volunteers. We continue to face rising monthly and yearly expenses for our servers, websites, bandwidth and domains. With your support, as little $1 per month (that's about 3.5¢ a day) you can help us improve our service, increase and improve league racing and grow our 15 year old community! Please consider making a pledge to HeatFinder... Your pledge of just $1 WILL make a huge difference!

Here are some things that happened at HeatFinder during November...

- Speedyman11 picked up the 2015 NASCAR Heat Community Awards Winner Festival race victory. You can find race results here.

- Did someone say Speedyman11? He also captured the 2015 ARL Cup Series Championship among many other race victories across the Heat Community.

- The 2016 TourSport series names and logos were released. The league will kickoff with three series; Tazmaniac Elite Series, Smoke Sports Series (former ARL Sports Car Series) and the Lucky Touring Series (former ARL Touring Car Series). Check them out here.

- Big news was announced for the Arcade Racing League which is undergoing a huge re-branding. The league will now only be known as ARL, they oddly will entirely drop the Arcade Racing League name. Beyond the name "change" the ARL will be running two full year series, a Hardcore & Normal mode series (previously they only ran in Normal mode) and cautions with two live admins reviewing footage during the race. ARL will also be running a dirt track series in Vintage Modifieds cars. ARL's Series picked up some new names dedicated to former Heat Community legends... ARL Patch Cup Series, ARL T-Bone National Series and the ARL GR8-1 Truck Series. Check out the logos here.

- Planning for two more 2016 series began, including the TourSport Smoke Sports Series and ARL Home Pro Series which will begin in January.

We are still looking for community members to join the HeatFinder team as League Officials, Series Directors and League Moderators to help run any of our four leagues, are you interested in this role? Contact DusterLag via and let us know how you can contribute.

We are asking for your support through pledges, we have several goals setup on our Patreon page that begin with funding our current monthly expenses. We are collecting pledges through a great service called Patreon at With Patreon you control how and when your pledge is made, you can adjust your pledge or remove your pledge at any time. Patreon is a crowdfunding company founded in 2013 in San Fransisco by Jack Conte from Pomplamoose of YouTube fame and is often used by Podcasters, Musicians and Artists to support their creations. Think of it like an ongoing Kickstarter but instead of funding a single project with a single goal and single payout you are pledging an ongoing amount per month (as little as $1). This pledge can be adjusted or removed at any time. If you want to make a one time donation simply pledge for a month and remove your pledge after your account has been charged shortly after the beginning of the month. Making your pledge is quick, simple and requires little information, you can even pledge anonymously or via PayPal on the Patreon site!

Please consider pledging as little as $1 a month here...

Thank You,
HeatFinder Co-Founder

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