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2015-16 NHRL Truck Series Schedule Announced, Racing Begins January 8th

Calling all NASCAR Heat racers!

Starting on the 8th, the NASCAR Heat Racing League will be launching the 2015-16 Truck Series season. And now, for the first time, we'll be racing trucks with caution flags, thanks to the continued support of Jes Rathbun. The equation here is simple: NHRL Truck Series + Caution Flags = Action!

NHRL Truck Series Mod:

The Place to Sign Up:

Race Format and Schedule:

Caution Flag Officiating:
Jes Rathbun of Hardcore Motorsports is our full-time pace truck driver and caution flag official.

We welcome drivers of all skill levels to compete in the league. Come join the NHRL drafting, drama, and fun!

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