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Lucky Touring Series - Speedyman11 Victorious at Valencia

In race 1, KartRacer63 drew the pole and took off while Speedyman11 weaved his way through the rest of the field. The two were fairly even for most of the race, but once Speedy got more comfortable with the car and track, he began to open a little bit of a gap over KartRacer63, taking home the win.

Race 2 started with an inverted field, but pole-sitter puttzracer was quickly shuffled to the back after the first two turns with Speedyman11 and KartRacer63 again heading the field. KartRacer63 held on to the lead for several laps but again Speedyman11 prevailed and pulled away towards the end of the race, taking the weekend sweep.

After a week off, racing resumes on April 9th as the series comes back to the US Heartland at Heartland Park Topeka with races at 4pm and 4:30pm PM ET (20:00 and 20:30 UTC).

View the full results for race 1 here and race 2 here.

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